If you want even skin tone, try Fig Brightening Black Soap

Fig Brightening Black Soap
Dimma Umeh

Fig Brightening Black Soap (with turmeric) is up there if you love black soap and looking to have a ‘uniform skin tone’.

Fig Brightening Black Soap is a favourite and one of Fig Health Store’s bestselling products! It’s been around for a while (but since we’ve been getting messages to talk about black soap, here goes)!

If you want a natural/organic black soap that evens skin tone and brightens the skin then you should try this one.


It took a lot for us to get on the black soap bandwagon because some of them can be extremely drying and harsh on sensitive (even normal) skin and tbh you need to know the source of as there are a lot of products paraded as organic/natural these days but loaded with chemicals!

But this purely organic black soap with turmeric we found has brilliant skincare properties. It’s tried and tested!

The soap had its moment on Instagram where we found it and till date it still serves! Although it doesn’t smell special (it’s a black soap duh) it is one to own especially if you have skin discolourations.

Dimma Umeh

The soap is actually everything the brand says it is; evens the skin tone (absolutely), brightens the skin (yes it does) and after a few use you notice the glow on your skin and it can absolutely be used on the face.

The highlight is the fact that you have options, this one is oil-free and doesn’t contain egg and coconut oil so there’s no funny smell or reaction! It contains turmeric which keeps the skin smooth, visibly softer and clearer, brightening the skin without any side effects.

The soap works great for the face as well as the body, it’s gentle enough to be used on the face and on the entire body. It can be left on the face as a mask and washed off later on without causing any reaction, and for a gentle/sensitive facial skin that’s a huge plus.

The soap will not necessarily clear spots but the skin will glow and even out colours all over the body.

To apply, use fingers to scoop out just enough to take a bath and for the face, apply it all over using a wet finger and just work it into a lather avoiding the eye area, leave it on for a bit and then rinse off.

The soap comes in a big tub that lasts for months on end after several uses, over a month into using it, you’ll still have a lot left!

Also, it’s definitely great value for money!

Scoring this over 10, it’s an easy 9!

Editor’s note: This is NOT an ad!