Get to know Keexs


Keexs is a Nigerian owned/based innovative and social footwear brand with an array of cool designs!

Keexs was born because the creative director, Babajide Ipaye struggled to find shoes to fit his size 48 feet so he created his own! Ipaye attended SLEM, an innovation and training institute for footwear and leather industries in The Netherlands to learn how to make sneakers from the scratch.

The footwear brand is African inspired and with global aesthetics. The range includes innovative and the coolest designs one would desire in casual footwear. The range is classed into active, classic and lite with accessories like socks and snapbacks added recently.
The brand’s signature ‘Fist Bump’ logo is known to signify interconnectivity across cultures, differences, religion and so on. Each design has a story.

The idea is to “pioneer innovation in the footwear industry, bring exciting designs to life and empower through socially-oriented projects. The KEEXS footwear brand is an African inspired range of casual footwear designed for people who are expressive and unapologetic for style choices” the creative director shares through their website.

The brand is innovative, cool and definitely for the modern man and woman! Do you own any design? You definitely should! Check out their array of designs via Follow them on Instagram @keexstribe