Amarelis: Lara Cole on sustainable fashion & inspiration behind the new collection

Amarelis' creative director; Lara Cole

Amarelis shows off some ‘gems’ with their Pre-Fall 20/21 Pelican Dreams Agant collection. Adire, cotton and generally timeless vibe. The collection caught our eye.

Amarelis paraded a collection of what one can actually wear (a lot!) and get good use out of without all the drama. The prints are colourful yet subtle and the designs are uncomplicated and desirable.

F&Co spoke with the creative director Lara Cole about the idea behind the new collection:

F&Co: We love what’s going on with Amarelis’ new collection, what’s the inspiration?

Lara Cole: Thank you! The Pre-Fall20/21 ‘Agant’ collection from our Pelican Dreams story was inspired by dreamers that are fearless, selfless and resourceful. Just like the Pelican story, it symbolizes family, love and sacrifice. The collection is characterized by the need for retro-outdoor fashion. A free and playful approach to flowers and dreamy prints combined with tie-dye, the collection is a modern-day nod to retro style.

F&Co: The fabrics, setting and the collection tended towards sustainable fashion what inspired that?

Lara Cole: One word – Climate change. We all have a social responsibility to reduce pollution and what better way to do that as a designer than a sustainable brand? The ‘Agant’ collection is made up of multifunctional pieces (can be styled/worn, however) and from quality materials to ensure longevity and reduce unnecessary disposals.

F&Co: Tell us about your journey to fashion design

Lara Cole: My journey into fashion began at a young age. My older sister had a really great fashion sense and I looked up to her so I started imitating her style, rocking her designer bags and just being creative. I then went on to study Fashion Designing and Merchandising at the European School of Economics in New York, USA. I started Elan Red store before closing down to focus on Amarelis.

F&Co: What inspires your creations?

Lara Cole: Two things; Versatility and Timelessness

F&Co: How has this pandemic affected anything?

Lara Cole: There was a decline in sales at first because there was really no need for new clothes due to the lockdown but things are slowly going back to normal these days. It has also affected the hosting of pop-ups/soirees.

F&Co: What are your thoughts on the current state of the fashion industry?

Lara Cole: I think new brands are popping up, style is evolving and more young people are coming out and doing their stuff which is a good thing. Although I would like to see more governmental involvements (granting of loans to fashion designers), textile companies, fashion-inclined personalities, serious fashion buyers and also a more stable economy.