Your favourite influencers share how they are WFH

WFH (working from home) became a must at some point in almost everyone’s life no thanks to COVID-19. 

WFH saw a lot of celebrities and influencers ‘inviting followers into their spaces’, getting on a lot of trends (such interesting times) and just generally keeping followers thoroughly entertained, we all almost had a content overload at some point but we’re not complaining.

Nonye (@thisthingcalledfashion) literally didn’t take a day off as the lifestyle influencer and content creator invited followers into her room while sharing styling videos, tips and hacks that endeared her to us even more. This influencer gave content after content, we loved and are loving every bit of it.

We saw Tuke Morgan (@tukemorgan) a lifestyle blogger, saxophonist and content creator who vlogs about natural hair, beauty, motherhood, travel, fashion and life experiences become a ‘don’ on Tiktok.

Patricia Nsan (@mmakamba_official), designer and creative director at Mmakamba a fashion brand based in Lagos Nigeria chose the period to live it up in her creations one fun video at a time.

Emmanuel ‘Nuel’ Ekuban  (@nuelbans) Editor-In-Chief of Debonair Afrik; a digital fashion agency and creative collector for The Style Lounge Platform took on fashion discourse.

FashionandCo got these favs to share their secrets from the lockdown period till now:
F&Co: How they were able to stay productive during the lockdown period?

Nonye:  By taking it one day at the time, talking to God, rethinking my goals, researching what I need to achieve them and creating content to keep me sane.

Nuel: Tbh, worrying is problematic to your mental health. So I try to get myself business to avoid thinking a lot about the current state of the world. I do what I can and relax most of the time and talk to friends and relatives.

Tuke: By setting daily and weekly goals and targets, taking breaks when necessary and realising that some days will be more productive than others. 

Patricia: Staying up late watching TV and then I do some work online before going to bed. Of course, I’m awakened by Ella, my daughter who cannot wait for me to be up. My mum came visiting before the lockdown so she has her nanna as a company for days that I roll my pillow the other way to keep sleeping…Some days I’m all pumped up and ready to slay the virus away, other days I’m on Netflix and all I do is walk to the fridge and back. All in all, I try to squeeze in work, learning, workout and connecting.

F&Co: How have they been able to keep their followers engaged?

Nonye: Through the content, I create, and sharing content. I find interesting games via my stories.

Nuel: Debonair Afrik started a live talk conversation on our Instagram platform to provide industry know-how/information to fashion creatives and fashion enthusiasts on our Instagram page.  Also, by reposting old editorials or works that never saw the light.

Tuke: By creating a variety of fun, enlightening content and sharing about experiences they’ve always wondered about. 

Patricia: The truth is, this period has given me space to put everything in perspective. I’ve been able to narrow my focus on things that matter. For me that would be; a deeper spiritual life, family, business and adding value in any way I can.

F&Co: What is your typical day like now?

Nonye: Wake Up – 6:30 am, pray/talk to God. Make breakfast for my parents & dog, 

I get to work or I do nothing depending on my mood for the day, (This week trying to be more productive). I create content once or twice a week despite what you may see on my IG Feeds.

Nuel: My typical day on lockdown is usually checking my email and social media platforms every morning before anything else. 

Then I try to learn something from YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr at night just to feed my creative eyes. Also, work on Debonair Afrik website and read other fashion websites for insight. Finally, I take some online fashion consultations 

Tuke: My days involve filming, editing, practising on my Sax, reading my bible, watching TV, cooking, playing with my baby and husband, planning content, talking to family and friends, exercising and consuming content on social media.

Patricia: At Mmakamba, we didn’t totally shut down. We had leave-in tailors working on a daily so it was quite easy to keep updating our online store with our latest designs. We owe everything to teamwork, innovation and consistency. When it seems like you can’t do anything else, my take will be to do five more things. Keep pushing yourself. It always pays off!