Trax Resistance: Dami dishes on styling this collection people are currently loving

dami fatusi

There’s a new fashion collection making the rounds on Instagram by Trax Apparel and we have all the BTS gist!

Our Style contributor, Damilola Fatusi was the stylist for the new drop from Trax Apparel and we spoke about the collection, the inspiration behind it and how it is making rounds on Instagram. She’s spilling all the deets! Let’s get straight to it!

F&C: How do you feel to be a part of a project that’s gaining so much traction online?

Damilola: I am just excited to be a part of something that is so captivating and distinctive. The amount of content being put out every day is a lot so for people to be able to pick that out and commend the team, is extremely cool.

F&C: What is the collection about?

Damilola: The collection by the guys at Trax Apparel is simply the re-imagination of classic pieces. The brand has such an artsy aesthetic so this is just their take on traditional garments for men but with the addition of the Trax character and spice.

F&C: Tell us about the pieces

Damilola: The collection includes a lot of plain pieces…pinstripes and Aso oke stripes at most. There’s a lot of monotone colour block in there as well all accentuated by complementary artworks. Think abstract maps, colour splashes, and all that good stuff.

F&C: How did the concept for the shoot come about?

Damilola: Honestly, Mark and Segun of Trax and the photographer, Tope are the ones responsible for the concept. They wanted to achieve something catchy yet simple and I think they absolutely nailed it. The only brief I got was that wood was going to be involved but I didn’t quite imagine it like this.

F&C: Tell us about shoot prep

Damilola: I went into the store to check out the pieces and luckily, it had all the elements that I love which are: colour blocking and edgy minimalism.

You won’t catch Trax Apparel with a bland design…there’s always going to be a catch.

I then proceeded to match the outfits with shoes and accessories which was provided by the designers. The accessories were from 1403 Luxury and they were so top-notch and easy to work with. After pairing, I took pictures of them.

F&C: Take us through the shoot day

Damilola: I got there super early so the entire set was built in my presence and it was so fascinating to see it all come together and how the little pieces made all the difference. The set turned out so nice so we started shooting. Seeing how earthy and simple the vibe was, I had to make some quick changes so we have a more consistent flow. Sometimes, changes are required so you have to think on the spot and I’m really glad I did.

F&C: We know the reception has been great but tell us how it started

Damilola: As usual, my clients posted it first and they were getting a lot of likes, comments, and reposts. The muses, Taymesan and Issac who have a bunch of followers posted it and it just kept going from there. A couple of my friends sent me DMs about how they liked it and how it looked so nice. It made me happy.

F&C: Did you expect this feedback?

Damilola: I just knew the shoot was a cool and distinct one but I honestly wasn’t thinking about the aftermath. I did it just like any other job.

Brand: @trax_apparel

Muses: @taymesan_ @zpxnso

Art Illustration: @rizzle_prints

Styling: for @yourfashionconsult


Photographer: @tope_horpload

Videographer: @sammykingfilms