Need your makeup to stay on longer? Try this

jackie aina

Makeup that stays throughout the day is achievable, yes we said it! Did we tell you we tried it too? This tip rocks especially if you have oily skin (you can thank us later).

Makeup on oily skin especially can be quite tricky, before you know it, makeup is melting off the skin and that’s disappointing, who wants their face all over the place after a few minutes of application? Definitely not us so we set out to find out a solution and we got! SET YOUR FACE AND FOUNDATION WITH TRANSLUCENT POWDER! We had to scream that

You ask how? Why?

Well, setting your face and foundation with white/translucent powder- both works but don’t go crazy with it– helps makeup stay on for longer. It simply mattifies the face and prepares it for makeup application. The powder sits on the face and absorbs oil.

YouTube/Jackie Aina

While a few will argue that a primer- usually the first thing to go on the face before makeup- works best not all primer gives lasting mattifying results and let’s face it using a super expensive primer all day every day under a makeup look doesn’t come cheap not to mention, clogging the skin much?

For best results use water-based and long-lasting products but then the tip to get your makeup to stay on for hours on end is to start/prime with translucent powder (or plain old white powder)!
Willing to try this out? Follow the steps
  1. Dust white/translucent powder lightly all over the face especially around the T-zone where you tend to get oilier 
  2. Prime if you want or not and let sit for a few seconds
  3. After applying foundation, gently dust on translucent powder all over the face again lightly and let sit
  4. Apply other makeup products as you would normally
  5. Bake and set undereye area and dust off excess powder
  6. Go on with the rest of your makeup and all you have to do at the very most through the day is gently dab the face. 

Don’t take our word for it, try it out and sound off with results below.