Maxi skirts every lady needs for a chic wardrobe

maxi skirts

Maxi skirts cover a multitude of sins and are they super easy to throw on!

Maxi skirts are not dramatic, they are easy to pair with just about any style piece and come together just perfect. They don’t make them boring anymore so by all means, the maxi skirt trend is one just about any fashion lover can try.

The trend never leaves, it’s one of those that come to stay and just get improved on. Every fashionista has at least a go-to maxi skirt. If you didn’t know how to get started with this trend, we have the perfect guide for you!

Check out the ones you can’t go wrong in

 The mermaid style

Maxi skirts with mermaid cuts are fab. They are always pretty and timeless so there’s a perfect one to cop. It fits perfectly and creates an hourglass fit, uber-sexy too.

maxi skirts
The accordion-pleated maxi

These pleats are neatly ‘arranged’ giving off a flirty and picture-perfect effect. You definitely should own that especially if you’re slim.
The floral maxi

This one makes a statement. It’s best paired with a top in one of the colours on the floral prints. It’s flirty and playful.
Solid print maxi

You should definitely cop a maxi in solid prints. Check out African prints or other strong prints that work for your personality. This can be styled for events. It stands out every time.
The fierce maxi

Get you a maxi with bold detail, it could be a gaping thigh-high slit or dramatic flares. Get you an edgy maxi and see heads turn your way.

maxi skirts

Are you already in on the maxi trend or would be trying out these styles? By all means, let us know!