Exfoliation: What you should know + how to


Exfoliation is simply removing dead skin cells from the uppermost skin layer to reveal much smoother, softer and youthful skin. (It’s one thing you should do to your skin often). 

Exfoliation reveals brighter and healthy-looking skin. Imagine a skin ‘not breathing’ with layers of dead skin, dirt and sebum on it? That’s nasty! Not to mention dull, lacklustre and just plain unhealthy looking skin so you should definitely exfoliate.

Exfoliation doesn’t have to come with a hefty tag, they can easily be done at home you just have to know what works for your skin so you don’t end up pulling and tugging at it unnecessarily, when it comes to the skin, especially the facial skin it’s best handled delicately. 


Exfoliating the face and body regularly is key to a glowing and baby soft one and it can be done at home or at the spa. At home, good quality loofahs, scrubs and more can be used to exfoliate gently- afterwards, the skin feels renewed and rejuvenated.

Though there are other ways to exfoliate from chemical peels to other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures asides that they can’t be done as often, they don’t come cheap and for best results licensed beauticians should. But what happens when budget and time doesn’t allow? You get creative! 

You can exfoliate in different ways:
Daily Facial Scrubs 

There are facial scrubs gentle enough for everyday use that can form a part of your skincare routine, most are used on slightly damp skin worked in with gentle circular motions and afterwards, you wash off.

Scrubs/Body Polish

Some scrubs come ready to be used periodically to get rid of dead skin revealing more youthful skin. These ones are used periodically and sometimes via mixes from reputable experts/spa.


An all-time favourite is via natural home remedies! Some food works to give the skin the desired feel and exfoliate perfectly without side effects. Oatmeal and wheat flour are coarse foods that work great as exfoliators. 

  • Mix oatmeal or wheat flour with milk or yoghurt to form a paste
  • Apply the paste on your cleansed face in gentle circular motions and leave on for 15- 20mins
  • Wipe off the paste with a damp face towel and leave skin to air dry
  • Follow with a non-comedogenic moisturizer

Do you exfoliate often or are you about to get started with it? 

Editor’s note: Test patch first! Also, speak to a skincare expert if you have sensitive skin.