How to switch up your Instagram page, fashionably

post-COVID wardrobe: Get in on how to plan it seamlessly

Is your Instagram page popping?

Your  Instagram page has to pop if you’re looking to become an influence-star. Don’t you just love getting lost taking in stunning feeds on Instagram? Where you get carried away with fashionable pieces curated and captured exquisitely? That platform is made for all things stylish and uber pretty, tbh!


Instagram is the perfect place to show off your style, creativity and of course, photography skills great fitting outfits, shoes and bags! All you need to do is share a great picture and you’re in like-heaven; by all means, a little vanity hurts no one.

If like some of us over here at FashionandCo you’ve been wondering how to get your fashion images fired up on Instagram, you’re in luck because we’ve got a few pointers for you. 

Here’s how to get started:

Create a theme

Start out creating a theme for your entire feed, what you want your page to look like. If you plan to show off a photo of a pair of shoes add something extra that relates to the item you’re showing off, it adds an oomph to the image.

jadore fashion
Use quality Images

Now that you have a theme, make sure the images are perfect; crystal clear and aesthetically appealing. You want the image to have a drooling effect.

earth tone
Angles, Ladies

Of course, you wanna work your best angle, that side of you that comes out perfect in pictures, work your most flattering pose too. Remember good posture is key; tilting your chin a little upward or down while standing slightly sideways is a great way to start.

Great lighting

Take pictures with natural light, if you have to open all the blinds to take the perfect shot then, by all means, work that vanity in.


Tease the camera, smile just enough for the camera, it makes it more appealing.

A good backdrop

A great backdrop makes your pictures pop, make sure to stand against one that flatters your outfit, the colour and style and you’re on your way to becoming an Insta-Fashionista.