Masks & Mo! Rekana’s Diffusion line debuts masks and gloves

Masks & Mo
Sniper Ajix

Masks & Mo is about to make sure your new normal is stylish and yet functional

Masks & Mo debuts a collection of reusable and reversible fabric masks and gloves. A diffusion line of Sharon Ojong’s Rekana, the masks and gloves are all layered for protection, lightweight and breathable. Your new normal is about to be cooler than cool.

Masks & Mo
Sniper Ajix

With the lockdown easing and business slowly getting back to where they were, there’s a need to be cautious and maintain social distancing which is exactly what this collection is about.

The great thing about masks & mo is the sustainability of it all. According to Ojong, the brand’s creative director, “we believe in zero-waste, utilising, and repurposing leftover fabrics to provide for families whose livelihood is affected by the pandemic instead of these remnants contributing to landfill space. All our masks are washable, and free of synthetics and questionable materials”. 

Stay protected and shop the collection starring Nollywood rising star, Shalewa Ashafa.

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40% of each purchase goes into making more masks, feeding and buying essential household items for our tailors and families in our neighbourhood who have lost their livelihood and income due to corona” Ojong reveals.


Photography: Sniper Ajix

Makeup: Adella

Creative & Style Direction: Sharon Ojong