Folake Kuye Style Pantry: FKSP pieces we need in our wardrobes ASAP


FKSP is tugging at our gentle hearts with stunning pieces we are coveting right now!

FKSP is a contemporary fashion brand by Folake Kuye of Style Pantry and the offerings are everything we need right now.

Not even because she wears the pieces flawlessly but because of how a lot of these pieces are easily timeless (those are always good investments if you ask us).


If you’ve followed Style Pantry for a while you’ll know she’s never one for trends so it makes sense that this brand stays true to her and her style.

She’s been designing for at least two decades! We know her from WeWe Clothing to Shoxie to Loft324 so believe us when we say we trust her.

Style Pantry

Every time we scroll through FKSP’s Instagram page we see pieces we love but in recent times we’ve become even more than obsessed with a few of those pieces.

If you didn’t know about the brand before now, you’re welcome!

FKSP is an ethical brand out of Los Angeles. Their pieces are made for the modern woman as you can tell from the styles, though not a trendy brand the pieces are crafted to fit varying body types, we love to see that!

FKSP - Rise and Bloom Collection

Comfy, timeless, functional, fun, stylish and so on describe the pieces and oh the colour palette are also always spot on.

For the first time, we see floral pieces differently (our editor Elemdee is not a fan of floral prints but even she has favs from their Rise and Bloom Collection)

Mrs Huntoon wears her pieces perfectly – no doubt because they are mostly her signature looks- and so have the people we’ve seen the pieces on. 

Floral kimonos, co-ords, flared pants, shirt dresses (they have the best ones), mono strap jumpsuits, wrap dresses and tops and so on are some of the flattering styles you’ll get from them.

The pieces are released in batches/in different collections but with each collection, FH’s signature style peaks through. See some of our favourites;

From High Summer Essentials Collection

From Glitz & Glam Holiday Collection

Check out all their swoon worthy collections and some more if you’ll love to order here. Also, follow them on Instagram here.