These Adire pieces are making waves on Instagram

These are the Adire pieces making waves on IG

Adire pieces are back (not that they ever totally left) and are more vibrant than they have ever been. We are pretty sure you would have seen them in a few posts that added just the right amount of radiance to your feed. Well, here’s the full gist.

Unlike Ankara that never goes out of trend, Adire does have its seasons. It is not like the buzz ever dies completely. But the best way to explain it is that people fancy it differently at different times. However, now, we think the unsteady buzz might be a thing of the past because innovation has had a positive impact on what manufacturers are doing with the fabric.


Lately, we have seen varieties that come in pure silk and a blend of silk and chiffon. While some are accompanied by new tie-dye techniques, others come in traditional prints but in brighter hues and nicer colour mixes. Also, there’s a huge increase in the number of vendors that have it in stock which makes it really accessible.


Designers like Tolu Bally and Tope FNR of Matopeda are taking advantage of it by making easy RTW pieces from it. From mini skirts with bows to pyjama-inspired sets, the pieces are really a score. You could literally pair them with anything and instantly be on the go.


Ultimately, we have to point out that the most desired one is the silk blend. The reason is that we haven’t seen anything like that until now, which makes everyone want to get their hands on them. Also, it does have a glossy finish which gives an effortless vibe when you wear it.

See how more of your faves styled theirs:


Let us know what you think of the new twist to Adire or if the traditional one will always do it for you. You can also check out the pieces at the fore of Lagos fashion here.

Don’t forget to stay safe ladies.