These pieces are at the forefront of fashion in Lagos

The sequin trend

If you reside in Lagos then you know all about how vibrant the Lagos scene is. From the crazy day-to-day life experiences to the owambes, nightlife, and most importantly, the fashion.

Recently, the pandemic has made us think back to times before everything came to a halt. Now, reminiscing about simpler times where we could put on our best pieces and feel great in them is all we could do. This brings us to the pieces that make up Lagos fashion. The ones we see on these stylish streets and are so much of a norm that we never think about how they came to be. These pieces are inspired by weather conditions, and most importantly, the lifestyle in the city:

Maxi Dresses

We could have started this with something that goes like breezing through Lagos on a Saturday morning but everyone knows the city is always in hustle mode. Without deflecting much, maxi dresses in different styles and prints are weekend favourites for most women. From gorgeous wrap dresses to kaftans and boubous in airy fabrics, you’ll find the most beautiful ones all around the city.

The Power Suit

Very recently, ladies in Lagos have been on to power suits. It could be for showing up to work like a boss. It could also be for making a stylish statement during other events like work seminars and speaking engagements. We have seen different updated versions from Lagos-based designers and we mostly love their take on it. Not entirely though as some seem to alter the silhouette a little too much.

Instagram/@ lindaosifo
The Sequin Number

The sequin trend was front and center on the fashion scene last year and fashionistas are still not letting go. From mini dresses to jumpsuits, jackets, pants, and shorts, the sequin trend is a stunner and it suits everyone. The reason why it is such a hit is that it matches perfectly with the bubbly Lagos nightlife. Plus it is super versatile and can be paired in different ways – even minimalists have found a twist on it.

Ankara Dresses

If you didn’t expect any Ankara piece on this list; are you even a real Lagosian? Ankara pieces have grown from just being pieces that you barely own to be must-haves. Asoebi aside, fashionistas now seek the richness of the fabric to add vibrance to their wardrobe. You’ll find updated styles every day on Instagram that is perfect for your next custom piece and multiple RTW choices that keep us wanting more.


Parties are an integral part of the Lagos life which makes the Asoebi industry probably the biggest sector of fashion (in Lagos). It includes fabric vendors, tailors, make-up artists, headgear professionals, clients, and bloggers. Lagos sees multiple functions during the weekends and sometimes during the week. Trust Lagosians to look their best to every function. From the finest lace fabrics to the most vibrant Ankara prints, styles are custom made to fit the wearer’s body and of course, compete in the midst of other styles that are equally as fabulous.


We hope you can relate to our take on the pieces that define Lagos fashion. That’s not all that there is so feel free to add yours in the comments. Also, check out the types of shirts you should be investing in here.

Please stay safe and let’s all take it upon ourselves to speak on the injustices around us.