Guys! We found super stylish cloth face masks for you 🙌🏽


Cloth face masks are the littiest accessories right now and the cooler the better, if you’re a fashionista (we can’t believe our excitement either).

Cloth face masks though not a 100% protection against transmitting COVID-19 virus, is recommended for the slow spread (a report suggests that cloth masks may reduce COVID-19 transmission) and at this moment that’s where we all are.

So we thought, why not make it fashion seeing that our faces would be buried in masks most of, if not all the time we step out. Of course this is in no way trivialising the pandemic or making it all out to just be a fashion showcase but since we are here we may as well make it a part of life to get accustomed to till this blows over soon.

As different state continues to ease lockdown restrictions, face masks have become ones to use to at least slow the spread, this is currently being enforced in Lagos and a lot of people already added them to their wardrobes.

cloth face masks

We made a list of where to get them here but we found even more stylish ones and they don’t come cheap. So if you love you some fashionable buys, get your card and check these ones out.

Deola (for CLAN)

Deola has our hearts and her masks too. Trust this design powerhouse to create stunning functional meets fashion for this pandemic. With these masks we’re stepping into those meetings like the boss we are. Deola crafts her masks in Adire and other materials. They are all double layered, breathable, washable, reusable and adjustable. They are sooo pretty!

cloth face masks
Banke Kuku

We honestly can’t get over Banke Kuku’s prints and her masks are no different. The colours, the sparks and of course the functionality of it all. All from 100% silk satin and lined with tightly woven cotton, the luxury brand made us spoilt for choice and for every purchase one is donated. It’s a fashion win win, the absolute best part? They are affordable.
Gert-Johan Coetzee

Another absolute favourite, trust Gert to be over the top (and we love it), and sustainable. The limited edition masks are made from leftover fabrics from past collections. The masks are layered thrice with another optional slot for a filter! So far we’ve seen him craft them in sequin, prints, animal skin and more styles.
DNA by Iconic Invanity

DNA by Iconic Invanity is making theirs after their designs. The masks like their collection are hand beaded so the masks are pure works of art. The fashion brand shares that 50% from the sale will go to charitable organization.


Tubo’s ready to wear arm makes the masks. They are come in different colourful fabrics and are lined with double layers of breathable cotton and a pocket for disposable filters. Also, they are pretty stylish.


Rekana is creating stylish ones via masks & mo and we love everything in all their Adire glory. They are sustainable too as they are making the masks from leftover fabrics like silk and cotton from past collection. The fabrics are breathable, layered for protection with elastic straps around the ears covered in fabric for ease of longer wear.


Do not forget to wash your cloth mask after each wear by soaking in a mixture of hot water and laundry detergent for about 30 minutes, then wash, dry and iron. (Or according to the brand’s direction).