More than a virtual party? Follow these tips when picking outfits for your next drive-by event


Whether we like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it forever. So even when the whole world settles from it, there are still going to be practices that follow us into normalcy.

No one is sure if the COVID way to celebrate aka Zoom is going to be a thing afterward but learning how to put outfits together when the situation arises is a great idea. A step-up from that are drive-by events that people throw for their loved ones nowadays. It is a situation whereby everyone is physically present but social distancing rules are being abided by.

We’ll take that over nothing any day and show up looking great for it. So if you have one of those coming up, here’s a simple guide you can follow.
Wear breathable fabrics

Because the virus spreads through body fluids, it is best to stay away from fabrics that will make you sweat. We are not saying a nice breathable fabric like cotton won’t make you sweat but we suggest you don’t aid the process.

Opt for comfortable pieces

We know how exciting it is to go out there and be merry but it is best that you never forget the situation at hand. Wear something comfortable so whatever happens at the party or on your way there, you are able to adapt. Free/loose fitting outfits will definitely do the trick.

Wear mood-boosting colours

If you didn’t know, colours have a way of improving how you feel about situations. So tie your colour to your mood but don’t be a Debby downer about it. If the concept of colours and moods is new to you, check out this read.

Outfits: Follow these tips when picking them for your next drive-by event
Accessorize to the teeth

With everything going on, no one is going to put a fancy dress for a drive-by event so accessories might be the next best thing. Going bold with them might be a good idea. But we honestly think stacking on up dainty pieces might be best. Just so it doesn’t look overdone.

Outfits: Follow these tips when picking them for your next drive-by event
Lastly, don’t forget to get your mask swag on. Check out places that you can source for nice ones here.
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