Hanifa raises the bar with game-changing 3D fashion show


Hanifa wins the most innovative fashion brand with this one-of-a-kind virtual showcase we’re seeing for the first time ever!

Hanifa chose to unveil her Pink Label Congo capsule collection; a 6-piece collection in a mind blowing display on Instagram Live on 22nd May 2020.

The live ‘runway show’ via @hanifabridal Instagram gave an insight into the collection that wasn’t just for the show of it.

Anifa Mvuemba/ Instagram/@hanifabridal

The collection pays homage to DR Congo where she’s from, shedding light on the mining issues notably coltan – a conflict mineral in Congo used for the production of tantalum capacitors present in almost all electronic devices (phones, laptops, pagers etc). 


The brand’s designer and creative director Anifa Mvuemba used the collection to beam the spotlight on the frightening conditions in Congo; children and families losing their lives by the minute working the mines, rebels terrorizing and raping women and children and the tragic conditions in the mines.


The show opened with a documentary (a YouTube video playback) on DR Congo produced by Patrick Kabeya showing the plights of underage children and women and the horrible conditions of working in the mines in DRC.

Anifa Mvuemba states that “every colour used in the collection has meaning to it”. She points out the red, blue and yellow on the maxi dress from the collection stands for the flag. In her words, “The red means suffering/the blood of lives lost, blue means peace, and yellow hope”. 

Mvuemba who started the Hanifa brand at 21 (she turns 30 sometime this year) reveals the collection will support/benefit affected families. 

To shop the Pink Label Congo collection, visit hanifa.co