Get to know BathKandy


BathKandy is a brand for all sorts of indulging (not edible) yum!

BathKandy is a Nigerian owned artisanal skincare brand. Known to make food inspired skincare treats usually in the form of desserts that smell soooo good. They have a range of body butters, polishes, soaps, candles and so on in indulgent shapes and scents. One thing you can’t take away from the brand though is the creativity that goes into their products. 


Their always beautiful products are handcrafted and sourced around Africa but their products will never not blow your mind, the best part? They use natural and organic ingredients in their formulations. Their goat milk soap is indulgent, their candles smell divine – we love the chocolate scented ones!


They also curate a box of their goodness based on subscription, this is curated monthly using different themes that has so far not disappointed us (we don’t think it ever would!). It’s a brand we are obsessed about.

The brand prides herself with being indulgent and environmentally friendly; “BathKandy is an environmentally friendly, skin loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath and body company.

These food-inspired, bath and body products are beautifully handcrafted with natural ingredients sourced within Africa and beyond. They are made to look and smell like desserts, incorporating gourmet food and drink items for a lusciously indulgent bath-time experience.

Jollof rice soap via

Our extensive range of soaps, potions and polishes are specifically created to appeal to all 5 senses, while delivering exceptional skin-loving properties second to none. They don’t just look like delicious desserts, they also smell yummy and target specific skin problems!

Till date we are obsessed with their jollof rice soap! BathKandy store is right in Lekki 1 but due to COVID-19 restrictions  the store isn’t open for now but they ship! Check them out here to order.