Rolled Eggs are the perfect breakfast inspiration

Rolled eggs
YouTube/Eugenie Kitchen

Rolled eggs anyone? Because Mrs Kush is showing how to get the best ones in easy steps

Rolled eggs can be such indulgence firstly because of how appealing they come off not forgetting more filling compared to just boiling or plain frying. Even in this case you’re allowed to add your greens easily making it a way healthier option. The rolled up bit does something too, it all just comes together to look good. 

Mrs Kush @lovemrskush on Instagram shares the best recipes and they are always straight to the point – why we love her– not forgetting extremely creative with food so after posting this we knew we just had to try this out and so we did.

Her steps:
  1. She whisked the eggs and strained the froth
  2. She added a pinch of salt
  3. Then milk ( this is optional)
  4. Added diced green pepper, red chilli and diced onions
  5. Then she added oil using a non stick pan, spreading it out on low heat
  6. She pours the egg and starts rolling
She also shares pointers to help you get the best ones:

Use a good non stick pan. Omit the milk if it’s your first time because it makes it softer which means it can break easily. Don’t wait for the egg to fully dry before you roll. Keep your cooker on medium to low heat it’ll cook your eggs slowly and give you time to roll before it dries out“.

So once you’ve got all the above locked, then you’re good. Actually, you need to watch and try out!

Would you be trying this out soon? What would you add to yours?