Post-COVID-19 Makeup for when you ‘start masking’

Post-covid-19 makeup

Post-COVID-19 makeup is about to be litty!

Post-COVID-19, apart from getting our lives back, firing up our slay, makeup has to stay super on point now because tbh half of our faces are going to get buried in mask! And even while wearing those masks, we want to make sure when we pull them off makeup still stays picture perfect. Who’s with us?

It is important now more than ever before to keep brushes and all makeup tools clean in addition to washing and sanitizing your hands before application. Also, it is a good time to invest in sanitizing wipes with alcohol to wipe down product cases and limit makeup application on the go to the barest minimum.

Disinfect makeup palettes and pots and for now do not share makeup products. Do everything you have to stay safe around this period (and even when all this is over!)

For Post- COVID-19, Mary Jane of Zaron Cosmetics is showing us how to get our mojo back and she’s sharing completely how to keep makeup simple, functional and intact, in-fact in this video her lips stayed put under her mask!

MJ wears the Matte LipFix in Shady & Sandy, Fury – a vampy purple stain that is just gorgeous (a favourite)- and Va Va Voom

Tip: Use zaron foundation brush for seamless foundation application and the Matte LipFix range for long lasting lip wear