Face masks: These fashion brands are making stylish ones you can buy

face masks

Face masks but make it fashion!

Face masks are looking to be the accessories (they technically are not!) of the moment. If you live in Lagos and have to get around during this relaxed lock down then you’d have to wear cloth mask for protection -leave the N95s and surgical ones for health care professionals!

First make sure they come with filter aka layered enough to be breathable and must pass the ‘filter test’

Thankfully fashion brands are supporting by producing clothes masks and since we are all going to be wearing face masks now, why not find the ones we like?

@thekatiewangcompany. This fashion production company is taking a lead around this time with mass production of sterilized masks. They produce in packs with different designs and deliver in bulk or in smaller packs. Oh they also produce hand sanitizers in any quantity you want!


@Tiffanyamberng. The luxury brand temporarily kicked off the production of masks no thanks to the pandemic. The brand has supported the medical industry and we’re sure copping from TA will probably not be anything short of stylish

@bankekuku. The prints Banke Kuku’s designs come in are so pretty. They are made from 100% silk satin and lined with tightly woven cotton. Wearing those will be as functional as well as stylish. The masks retail for N4k and for every sale, one is donated to charity.


@ama_lagos Are offering sterilized masks made from 100% cotton with additional filter for protection and easy breathing. Their unique designs stand out


@femihandbags Are also temporarily producing masks and they look good. Send a DM or call to ask to be sure about preferred styles and prices.


@marcomartinez47. Marco Martinez has fun designs in exciting prints. So you can look stylish even while wearing your cloth masks.

@ayabawoman Is also one to check out. We especially like the idea of  the masks coming in packets you can hang around your neck when not in use. There’s also more space for filter!


@trax_apparel are offering cloth masks in tribal prints sure to make a statement. They look playful and stylish too.

Cloth masks are meant for basic protection, be sure to soak them in hot water, disinfect, wash and iron after every use.

*List will be updated