Oil Cleansing: Why you should totally get into this routine

Oil cleansing
YouTube/The Golden Rx

Oil Cleansing is touted as the next best thing after microblading (we kid but you get the point)

Oil cleansing is simply using oil to remove oil/sebum, dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, debris, pore blockages from the surface of your skin. It is a two-step part of your cleansing routine, so after an oil cleanse follow up with a gentle foaming cleanser for your skin type.

Cleansing your face is actually the first step to having flawless skin so you need to get it right and this beauty influencer is serving everything you need to know about it on a platter! 

Nayamka Roberts-Smith| Instagram/@labeautyologist

Esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith is sharing the A-Z of oil cleansing. She breaks it down; water and oil don’t mix but oil and oil do which makes oil the best way to remove oil.

An oil cleanser uses oil to attract the lipids in the pores on the skin surface and washes it away, so essentially water based only cleansers will not do a thorough job of cleansing your skin. 

You can also use a cleansing balm, natural cleansing carrier oil or an oil cleansing product.

Who can oil cleanse?
  • People who wear makeup
  • People who don’t wear makeup
  • People who are prone to acne
  • People with oily skin
  • People with dry skin
  • People with combo skin
Why oil cleanse?

Because it breaks down silicone and grease in makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer and serum, dissolves all and gently lifts them off without stripping the skin of moisture or its essential oils. It is best done as a night time routine.

If you have acne prone skin for instance, an oil cleanse will loosen the pores and lift sebum gently, if you have oily skin it will remove the excess oil without stripping the skin of its oils so it won’t dry your skin out. If you have dry skin it will replenish and nourish your skin.

How to oil cleanse
  • Start on dry skin (doesn’t have to be clean just dry)
  • Massage oil (natural, balm or cleansing products) into the skin in gently circular motions (this can last anywhere from 3-5-10 mins or even more!)
  • After sometime you can start feeling little greasy oil plugs – gross but in this case good! Because they are blocks of sebum that would otherwise block your pores. 
  • Take off using a warm damp cloth or simply wash off if using an oil cleansing product.
Can you cleanse with natural oils?

Of course you can! Just make sure to remove residue with a warm damp face cloth. There are oils perfect for different skin types:

Oily skin

Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, Hemp Seed oil, Evening Primrose, Grape Seed oil, Rose hip Oil or Black Cummin Seed oil.

Dry Skin

Avocado oil, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Marula oil, Argan oil, Sesame Seed oil or Apricot Oil.
Now that you know about oil cleansing are you willing to give it a try?

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