Fruit Parfait Bowl: The best lazy way to do it

Fruit Parfait Bowl

Fruit parfait is yum! If you’ve not added this to your list of lazy yet healthy food option then you’re welcome.

With fruit parfait, you can get as creative as possible with the choice of fruits to use and the best part? You can whip it up in minutes, let’s not even mention how filling they can be and above all an absolutely healthy option. The only thing you need is a trusted fruits vendor to supply fruits… not buried in gutter water!

Fruit Parfait

For one of the best ones to get your day started or end the day with – we love fruit parfaits best as fast grab and go breakfast, snack on during the day or dinner/after dinner treat – You can use any type of yoghurt you like from Greek yoghurt if you want a thicker consistency/more protein or the regular yoghurt – Farmfresh works just fine too.

Let’s get started with our lazy recipe: 
  • Red Seedless grapes 
  • Green Apples
  • Red Apples
  • Baked Coconut chips (optional)
  • Yoghurt 

(Of course you can go all out with honey, granola etc if you want)

Fruit Parfait Bowl
How to:
  • Dice your fruits in the sizes you want (we do medium size)
  • Toss all the diced fruits and seedless grapes into a bowl
  • Add yoghurt – to submerge the fruits just enough
  • Sprinkle baked coconut chips
  • Enjoy your yummy parfait bowl

Tip: For maximum enjoyment, make sure all fruits and yoghurt are cold!

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