Colour me pretty! How your outfit can determine your mood


Did you know that the colour of your outfit can help you say a lot? Let’s get you in on how it helps to speak your mood.

Every lady lives for the wake, pray, slay rule but let’s be honest, every day isn’t a slay day. From models to celebrities, everyone has their days off from being fancy and that is what makes us human. But, even during the most off-glam days, you can still make fashion cool – with colour!

Now let’s delve into the 3 major ways to make that happen.

Wear Neutrals & Moody Hues

Gloomy days are inevitable and depending on the work you do, you just want to throw something simple and comfortable on. On days like these, neutrals and moody hues should be your go-to colour formation. Think in the lines of black, grey, army green, navy blue, burgundy, and the likes. These colours will help you look put together while still keeping you in your I just want to get through the day mood.

Wear Pastels

Compared to moody days, feeling light-hearted are happier times. Make that calm switch by turning to colours in the pastel family. Also introduce colours like tan, nude and beige to further drive the feeling home.

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Wear Hues

Cheerful days are the absolute best. So on days when you find yourself feeling giddy and happy, employ the brightest hues to help pass your message across. Lean towards primary colours like green, blue, yellow and red. Extreme hues like neon can also be a mood booster so feel free to add them the options so your happy feeling can last all day long.

Let us in on how you pick your outfit daily and you just might find a soul sister out there! Also, check out how to improve your personal style during this pandemic here.