Get to Know Arami Essentials

Arami Essentials

Arami Essentials is a natural skincare brand out of Lagos Nigeria.

Arami Essentials appeals to you firstly with quality organic products and don’t get us started about their minimalist packaging that’s picture perfect and we mean that literally, (check out their Instagram page; @aramiessentials).

This skincare brand wins with their bestselling Glow Oil made from cold pressed shea nut oil which can be used on the body as well as hair! Hint, cop the glow oil ‘with oud’ for that soft sensual whiff on any part of the body it’s used on. We talked about it here.

The brand has other range of coco oils, body butters, glow scrub and polish all made from natural ingredients like black soap and shea oil and if looking for quality natural skincare products made with love without breaking the bank then Arami Essentials it is.

According to Arami Essentials; Arami was created to provide natural beauty essentials for a simple, fuss-free routine. The company was founded on two major beliefs – your skin doesn’t need complex products to thrive and natural ingredients are best. We are based in Nigeria, which is home to a lot of raw ingredients used in beauty products around the world.


One of the key priorities of our business is to be a platform, boosting awareness around locally sourced ingredients such as Shea Butter and African Black Soap. As a high number of our ingredients are sourced in Nigeria and involve a high number of women processors, we are committed to giving love and encouraging self care for women at the grassroots.

Have you tried any product from Arami? If you’re looking to, you can via their website or via Instagram. Don’t forget to share your Arami experience with us!