Nigerian Designers: Looking to build a timeless wardrobe of classic pieces?

Love Nigerian designers and looking to build a timeless wardrobe filled with classics? Then this is one for you. 

There are amazing Nigerian owned/Nigeria based fashion brands if you take a look around but there are definitely a few favourites to buy into. While we must warn that some of the pieces from some of these Nigerian fashion brands don’t come cheap, they are certainly pieces to grace your wardrobe if you want timeless pieces. Or even better? Buying into sustainable fashion?

DEOLA (Sagoe)

Deola has perfected working Aso-Oke into mind blowing designs. She got a lot of attention after creating the ‘Komole Kandids’ collection that blew everyone’s mind away. The collection got a lot of rave reviews, becoming one that other clothing brands started shamelessly copying over and over again.

Her statement pieces that brides are loving are the best ones to get for keeps.


Right off Deola is CLAN. Oh do we love us some classic CLAN pieces. CLAN is owned by Deola Sagoe’s daughters so the creativity lifts right off. Their pieces are simple yet timeless. There’s always something well put together about CLAN pieces. A style or two from the brand will definitely give your wardrobe a classic lift.

Lisa Folawiyo

We’re sure you can tell we are huge Lisa Folawiyo fans over here! This fashionable designer turned Ankara prints into chic must haves that we’ve come to love. With LF, style is effortless and it’s evident in her designs, the embellishment and the sass of her prints. A LF piece will stand you out anywhere, anytime!

The Ladymaker

This brand is fast becoming a favourite of ours, why? The designs are soo ladylike. With The Ladymaker piece you’re definitely going to be prim and stylish all at the same time. Our favourite piece from the brand remains the cocoon coat. It’s one to invest in.

Lady Biba

Lady Biba crafts structured pieces for lady bosses, with this Nigerian brand workwear is classy and stylish plus the fit is always one to turn heads your way. We bet The Charmaine Wrap, one of LB’s foremost designs, would still be a head turner in the present day.

Tiffany Amber

This is another favourite here at Fashionandco. Tiffany Amber designs classic, feminine floaty pieces to compliment any wardrobe. The absolute reason we would invest in a TA piece is because it can easily be handed down, they are worthy fashion investments.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

This is another favourite! EAT pieces are must haves for the classy woman. Her wrap sets are ever in and great in any wardrobe no matter what the occasion is.

Which of your favourite Nigerian designers did we leave out?