COVID-19: Here’s how to improve your personal style during the pandemic

jadore fashion

Looking for something productive to do while quarantining? We know just the right activity.

Since Coronavirus has made it almost mandatory for everyone to practice social distancing /stay at home, you can make something good of it by improving your personal style with a wardrobe detox session.


Wardrobe detoxing basically involves filtering out things that you can do without in your wardrobe. Here’s an easy way to go about it.

1. Make 3 piles; tag them ‘keep pile’, ‘alterations pile’ and ‘donation pile’

2. Start going through your clothes and put them in the appropriate pile. This process can be hard but sis, you have to let go.
3. Once the piles are sorted, you can now focus on the main pile which is the ‘keep pile’. Get your Marie Kondo on and neatly arrange them back in the way you like best.

Now that everything is done and filtered out, you’ll see how much you have been missing out on clothes you haven’t really worn just because you didn’t remember you had them.


Also, picking out what to wear during and after quarantine will be much easier. Oh yes! we encourage a little quarantine slay. Soon when the pandemic has fizzled out, you’ll be able to get the most out of your purchase and look your best while at it.

Don’t forget to practice all the safety precautions during this period. Surround yourself with positive energy and stay safe. Share more tips that work for you around this time with us!