Instagram: Foodie but too lazy to go shopping? These pages’ve got you!

Instagram shopping

Does anyone else shop on Instagram or is it just us? We are notorious IG shoppers over here but then can you blame an average ‘Lagosian’? If you consider the stress of waiting till the weekend to shop (which almost never happens because that’s the only time you get to rest) or leaving sneaking out of the office during lunch hours to make fast purchases etc, it’s never convenient! Think of traffic, traffic and traffic!

Then you turn to the next best thing for a while now (hoping you don’t get scammed because there’s that too), Instagram! Instagram has been a blessing to a lot and for us foodies especially.

We see an advertised page for food and the next thing? Shoot a DM, hopefully get an answer and get sent one of the best meals (with presentation and packaging equally impressive). Fashionandco‘s Elemdee is trying this so you won’t have to go through the stress.

She’s done this forever and she is going to hook you up with a few that never disappoints, at least not yet she says and service equally impressive with the delivery prompt! Who knows we might just make this a recurrent beat. So if you want (lunch) food, living, grocery, gifts etc. Then get with her list:

@firewoodricenigeria is first because it’s lunch, cheap and cheerful. Thanks to a colleague (Hey Tomisin) I got hooked on this Jollof rice that smells deliciously ‘woody’. If you’re into your ‘firewood flavoured jollof rice’ you’ll love their offerings.

Order is usually done before 9 am weekdays and delivered from noon depending on location, they are on the mainland so getting to V.I takes a few hours for me but it’s always worth the wait. They have options for every day of the week and it’s posted up every day on their IG feed. My fave Is the ‘asun Jollof’ but every single one is nice.

@forthworthfarms Is the go-to e-market. It’s the very best of place to shop for fresh produce, think fresh chicken, peppers (ground & dried), fresh fish and dried even cucumbers etc. They also have a line of convenience products including diced /sliced peppers, dried ‘ewedu’ ‘ground plantain’ and so on. Their sweet corn is non like I’ve ever tasted (I am not joking).

The most exciting thing about this brand for me is trusting them absolutely to deliver fresh from the farm, with prompt delivery and reasonably priced goods. Some days, I make an order and get things delivered without even paying yet! They are big on satisfying their customers and this gets an A every time from me. is a lifesaver from me. I stumbled on her page and life hasn’t been the same. My first order from her was a lot! More like you see all you’ve ever dreamed of! She cuts veggies and cole slaw mix the exact way they should be and neatly/well packaged too, that was the first exciting encounter for me and I got to know she sells soups you can keep in the freezer and warm when you need something rustled up fast.

Her prices are extremely reasonable and you get your money’s worth. Her services? Top notch!

@thesharkexpress but of course! Again I stumbled on this on IG (sometimes those sponsored ads come with goodies!) For the longest time I thought they were only in Abuja before stumbling on their Lagos address. I finally tracked them down one quiet night and I wasn’t in the least disappointed.

Their seafood boil is the business and comes generous too. With N5,000 you’ll eat a good portion of seafood and sometimes get more to take with you. The most exciting part for me was the gloves the boil came with, making you feel like some sort of ‘foodie dr’ about to ‘start an operation’.

@smoothieexpressng. I’ve known & ordered from these guys since forever! Years ago, I ordered red velvet smoothie from them for my friend/colleague and me like every day! I still don’t know how they got beetroot to taste that nice in a smoothie!

Their salads, smoothies and wraps are the truth! Filling and worth every dime. They make the perfect lunch gifts too.

@juliposh_foods is a snail saviour. I followed her randomly one day when I saw how she cleans snails. Now I have a thing for snails especially well cleaned one (not that I won’t do that all over again myself). I DM-ed her on a Sunday when I started craving this weird protein and in less than 2hrs or so, she delivered.

I just couldn’t get over that. The size was generous, the snails were well cleaned and generally, I had a great experience with her. I need to get this week’s order in asap.

@lavenderlagos is totally away from an edible brand but if you’re into fragrances/scents/burning candles/stocking up on pretty diffusers and everything pretty the lavender is the place to go.

The brand retails amazing brands and just blows your mind. Their services? Prompt and effective. Most times I shop via DM, pay and then pick up later. It’s definitely a place to be.

@souveniretc is the perfect brands for home and living items as well as gifts and the best part? They do retail as well as wholesale.

So if looking for all the fancy mugs, home fittings and gifts for loved ones, she’s the plug. Also, her customer service and patience is out of this world.

This is not a sponsored post! This review was done out of my personal experience with each of these vendors.

Featured Image: Instagram