MET Gala 2018 Makes A Case For Why ‘Dress Code’ Ties Events Together Beautifully

Rihanna at MET Gala 2018
Rihanna at MET Gala 2018

MET Gala 2018 was lit!

The MET Gala is easily the most talked about annual fashion event every year and for 2018, the controversial theme got everyone holding their breath for what the fashion enthusiasts and celebs will wear and did they push through. It got us thinking of the day where Nigerians (read as Lagosians) will actually follow an event theme and as a result, suggested dress code?

Themed ‘Heavenly Bodies Fashion And The Catholic Imagination’, the expectation was at a 100% since last year when the details were announced. For the annual event, there’s always a guide for the dress code for the night so expectedly when the theme is set, designers go back to the drawing board to start creating.

Because a lot of stars follow the dress code, it’s made the event a sort of affair to look forward to (annually)  knowing at least 80% of attendees will pull something in that line off fierce, interpreting the theme with their styles. Why can’t we adopt this for local events? Have you ever being to an event in Nigeria where the suggested dress code is ‘glam’ and you see people in denim (or that time at a movie unveiling, it wasn’t even a premiere and a lady turned up in a red carpet worthy dress with train and all!).

Have you being to a red carpet event with a ‘black tie’ dress code and you see people walking around in skimpy outfits or go to a music concert and see people in dresses with trains? I’m totally for going with what makes comfortable (We are lazy dressers but we take suggested dress codes seriously) but do you see the finesse going with a suggested dress code brings with it? It gives the whole event an air, it’s some sort of pleasurable experience everyone can just bask in don’t you think so?

Of course, we won’t leave you hanging picking our best for the night at the MET Gala

Chadwick Boseman aka Mr. Wakanda nailed it perfect in cream Versace suit and did the whole look with embellished cross details on the cape and heavily accented gold pants. He wore the look complete with gold highlights in his hair! He did that.

MET Gala 2018
Chadwick Boseman in Versace for MET Gala 2018 (Zig)

Rihanna served! But of course, everyone was looking out for her. She’s never disappointed with her MET Gala appearances and for 2018 she came as a pope complete with miter in a heavily embellished custom-made look by designer Martin Margiela for Maison Margiela

MET Gala 2018
Rihanna in Maison Margiela complete with a miter for MET Gala 2018 (Zig)

We are throwing in  Sarah Jessica Parker and Cardi B into the mix but the first two did great, our MET Gala dreams were fulfilled. Back to the initial question, what do you think about taking events theme seriously?