Arami Essentials Glow Oil (with Sweet Oud)

Arami Essential
Arami Essential Glow Oil (Sweet Oud)

I stumbled on Arami Essentials on Instagram (yes I am that person who follows reviews and picks raved items off Instagram!).

Ever tried anything from Arami Essentials? I did a bit of research and decided to try out the products so I ordered, I must add that the ordering process is quite fast and impressive, delivery was swift and packaging very tidy. The brand won me over with their minimalist design – so crisp and simple, no fuss and the presentation? Just a beauty on your dresser or shower caddy- wherever works for you.

Arami Essentials
Arami Essentials Glow Scrub, Glow Oil (Sweet Oud)

The first time I ordered I went for the Glow Oil, I chose the one with Oud and the Glow Scrub, ordering different things in triples and doubles (I gave them out as gifts and got positive feedback from everyone, it absolutely rocks as gift ideas). I was so confident the products will meet expectations and boy did they!

The first I tried was the glow oil, it came in a plastic- bottle-like container that’s just aesthetically pleasing, the content a little yellowish-gold smelled divine and came easy to use, I just poured a little on my palm and rubbed all over.

I used it all over my body when I want a glow and want to smell good while at it.
Arami Essential
Arami Essential Glow Oil (Sweet Oud)

It naturally gives you a glow after consistent use and makes you smell great as well. It’s easily one product you can’t go wrong using and with a lot of oils I react to (my skin is quite sensitive), I didn’t react funny to this at all, I even dared used it on my face and it was fine so it’s definitely one to cop if you love your oils.

It’s essentially shea nut oil (pure, cold-pressed) melted for easy use but the Oud in this made it a winner for me, I loved the smell. I used the Glow Scrub as well for a few months and I’ll give you a report about that as well soon.

The glow oil is not bad to own at all. Do you use oils on your body? Which is your current favourite?