Zaron Cosmetics matte lipstick in ‘Boss Lady’

Zaron Cosmetics
Zaron Cosmetics

Zaron Cosmetics matte lipstick in ’02 boss lady’ is the business.

There’s actually so much to love about Zaron Cosmetics (we’ll save that for later). I was going through my never before used makeup stack recently and found gold! It’s funny how I tend to stick to a quad eyeshadow palette, a lip pen or lipstick till its last content (or gets ’stolen’ or misplaced) when I absolutely love it.

So like I mentioned, I found GOLD; an array of Zaron Cosmetics products I had bought and never used.. till now, I saw a couple of lipsticks, liners, gloss, eyeshadow palettes and started swatching (amateurishly) and there it was ‘BOSS LADY’- my new favourite.

Zaron cosmetics
Zaron Cosmetics

Before now, I loved Ebony, it was just the perfect matte-dark-sultry and just statement-making all rolled in one lipstick and when I hit the bottom of the tube, I knew I needed another fix and I met ‘boss lady‘.

Opening the tube got me so excited about the intense dark plum hue I tried it on immediately and boy the results…the best dark cherry/plum matte lip wear to go with almost any eye makeup.

As much as really not into matte lipsticks I am, Zaron’s matte lip wears are unbelievable perfection. The first time I wore it, it stayed for over 6 hours, bear in mind I munched on food and snacks in between and when it feels like it fading, it leaves this edgy meets flirty stain that’s also perfect!

Zaron Cosmetics in 02 Boss Lady

It finishes matte but not intensely drying and it stays put! I can’t even fault this matte lipstick! It’s safe to say I’m thoroughly obsessed with Zaron lipsticks.

Quick tip – make sure your lips are exfoliated and prepped/moisturized before using the lipstick, it makes a lot of difference.

Do you currently use any Zaron cosmetics product? Which is your favourite?

Featured Image via Zaron Cosmetics