Miniso Green Tea Moisturizing Serum

Miniso Green Tea Serum
Miniso Green Tea Serum

I got a serum from Miniso -a Japanese fast lifestyle brand- in December 2017 when I was doing my Christmas shopping at the store.

First know this, you are going to spend a lot of money in Miniso if you like cute little things, don’t be deceived by the N1,999 price tags they have endless cute things you’d want to cop!

The Green Tea tag and of course a serum (the light, fast absorbing characteristic of a serum is a winner every day) got me, so I decided to give it a try. I liked the cute green bottle (green tea, green bottle you dig? So cute!). The organic looking twine and brown paper tag on the bottle-neck made it look good and one to try out.

I started using it in December 2017 after the harmattan had done a bit of mess to my face but I used it daily anyways usually after bath right after my cleanser and toner, applying a generous amount.

I worked it into my face in circular motions and leave it to get absorbed into the skin, I love the easy-gel like and super absorbent feeling it brings with it. I started to notice a change in my facial skin after like 10 days of using it,  it just left my face baby smooth and flawless, truth be told I didn’t even realize it could have a visible effect until I started seeing results and getting compliments.

My skin was noticeably softer, smoother and glowing after about 7 days of using it (i’m not kidding), I went makeup-free absolutely most of the time and my skin wasn’t breaking out oil. Another thing I noticed it did was help control my oily face especially my T-zone.

The serum surprisingly didn’t come with the heavy price tags serums come with, it’s under N2k and absolutely a must have. You should try it!

Do you use serums? Share your favourites and if they totally works for you.